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Gas Energy Systems Team (GEST) cooperates with DIADIS Engineering since 2010.

Together they have developed a number of projects in the area of CNG and LNG.

Currently, they are involved in an important project in Azerbaijan commissioned by Azpetrol and SOCAR.

GEST and DIADIS Engineering, can offer the following services:



Natural Gas


• onshore/offshore pipeline project engineering;


• border Metering Station;


• metering and Regulating Stations (city gate);


• services in the consulting as well as in the construction area. Our in depth knowledge of regulation and the expertise of our engineers guarantees the safety and the best performance of the installation.



Compressed Natural Gas for NGV (natural gas veichles)


• design and construction of CNG fuel stations;


• installation of equipment in CNG stations;


• installation of equipment for receiving CNG in the residential areas.